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6.34 Majirel Eu Abs Ht/Rc 14b 50ml

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 1,449

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  •         Provides long-lasting color
  •          Provides up to 100% grey coverage.
  •          Delivers predictable, precise results thanks to its mistake-proof formula.


6.34 Majirel Eu Abs Ht/Rc 14b provides permanent hair color with coloration crème de beauté for rich color results. After application, it attains 100% perfect coverage coupled with deep care. It is also highly concentrated with caring agents providing 45% more conditioning to your hair

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Aqua / Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Oleth-30, Hexadimethrine Chloride, Ammonium Hydroxide, Oleic Acid, Oleyl Alcohol,2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol Hcl, P-Aminophenol,M-Aminophenol, Sodium Metabisulfite, Ethanolamine,6-Hydroxyindole, Thioglycerin,-2,5-Diamine, Ammonium Thiolactate,2-Methyl-5-Hydroxyethylaminophenol, Pentasodium Pentetate Benzyl Alcohol,2-Oleamido-1,3-Octadecanediol, Resorcinol

How to use


Shake into a rich, creamy texture/ using a non-metallic shaker 


35 min development time

White coverage :

Up to 50%

Use your target shade

More than 50%

In a 1:1 ratio, mix your target shade with its corresponding base level.

If you want to prioritize the reflect

Cool reflects : ½ target shade + ½ same level basic shade

Warm reflects: ½ target shade + ½ same level golden basic shade You can add a little bit of hot water (20ml) to the mix to refresh a leftover color.

COLOR MAINTENANCE schémas At the end of the development time emulsify very gently, rinse until water runs clear & shampoo



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