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Alison Tropical Coconut Oil (Virgin-Cold Pressed) 250ml

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 599

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·       Extra-large size for extended use.

·       Premium virgin coconut oil for quality.

·       Cold-pressed to retain maximum nutrients.

·       Versatile for culinary and beauty purposes.

Product Description:

Alison Tropical Coconut Oil in a 250ml size provides an abundant supply of premium virgin coconut oil. Cold-pressed to maintain its nutrient content, this oil offers versatile benefits for both culinary and beauty applications. Its tropical aroma adds a delightful touch to cooking and skincare routines. Whether used for moisturizing the skin, nourishing the hair, or enhancing the flavor of dishes, it serves as a luxurious and nourishing option.

Alison Tropical Coconut Oil (Virgin-Cold Pressed) 250ml ensures a generous supply of pure virgin coconut oil, providing you with an abundance of nourishing goodness for long-term use, whether for personal care or culinary purposes.

Alison Tropical Coconut Oil (Virgin-Cold Pressed) 250ml maintains its natural integrity, retaining its full spectrum of nutrients and beneficial properties, ensuring superior quality and efficacy in every application.

This coconut oil serves multiple purposes, offering a versatile solution for all your beauty and culinary needs, simplifying your routine with its multifunctional benefits.

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Usage Instructions:

Apply to the skin or hair as needed for hydration and nourishment. Use in cooking as a substitute for other oils or fats.



100% virgin cold-pressed coconut oil.

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