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Bactigras 10cm Sq 10'S.

Brands: Dettol

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Bactigras 10cm Sq 10'S.
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·         Effective wound dressing.

·         Antiseptic properties.

·         Non-adherent design.

·         Sterile and convenient.


Bactigras 10cm Sq 10'S is a reliable wound dressing that offers superior protection and promotes optimal healing. It is designed to effectively manage a wide range of wounds while preventing infection.

The key ingredient in Bactigras is chlorhexidine acetate, an antiseptic known for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. This powerful antiseptic helps kill bacteria and creates an optimal environment for wound healing.

The non-adherent design of Bactigras ensures that the dressing won't stick to the wound bed, minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes. This feature makes it ideal for delicate and sensitive wounds.

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How to Use:

Cleanse the wound area with a suitable antiseptic solution.

Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly.

Open the individual Bactigras dressing pack.

Place the Bactigras dressing directly onto the wound bed, ensuring complete coverage.

Secure the dressing in place with a suitable adhesive or bandage.

Change the dressing as directed by your healthcare professional or when it becomes soiled.


Chlorhexidine Acetate: An antiseptic agent with broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, effective in killing bacteria and preventing infection.


Note: Please consult a healthcare professional for proper wound care advice and follow their instructions for optimal healing.

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