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Blood Lancets

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Blood Lancets
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·         Enables quick and relatively painless blood collection.

·         Single-use design minimizes the risk of infection transmission.

·         Convenient for use in various settings.

·         Adjustable depth settings allow control over blood volume collection.


Blood lancets are small, pointed medical instruments designed for skin puncture to obtain blood samples for diagnostic purposes. Painless blood sampling using these lancets significantly improves the patient experience, especially for individuals who are anxious about blood tests. This can lead to improved patient cooperation during healthcare procedures.

The single-use design of these lancets minimizes the risk of infection transmission. This is especially important in healthcare settings to maintain a sterile environment and protect patients and healthcare workers.

The compact size of these lancets makes them highly portable and suitable for use in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and at-home testing.

Adjustable depth settings allow healthcare professionals to obtain an appropriate blood sample while minimizing patient discomfort. This is particularly important for patients with delicate or sensitive skin.

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Usage Instructions:

Begin by washing your hands and preparing the puncture site.

Remove the protective cap from the lancet.

Gently place the lancet against the chosen site on the skin.

Activate the lancet to create a puncture.

Allow the blood to collect, and then use a suitable method to collect the sample.




Blood lancets are typically constructed using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring sharpness and biocompatibility.

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