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Colgate Battery Tooth Brush Kids Unicorn Extra Soft x 1's

Brands: Dettol

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Colgate Battery Tooth Brush Kids Unicorn Extra Soft x 1's

·       Ideal for children's developing teeth and gums.

·       Makes brushing fun and encourages regular oral care routines.

·       Delivers consistent cleaning performance for optimal dental health.



The Colgate Kids Unicorn toothbrush is tailored for children, featuring extra soft bristles that provide gentle yet thorough cleaning. Its enchanting unicorn design captivates children's imagination, making brushing time enjoyable and encouraging regular oral care routines. Powered by batteries, this toothbrush delivers consistent sonic vibrations for effective plaque removal, ensuring optimal dental health for kids.

The visually stimulating aspect of Colgate Kids Unicorn toothbrush motivates children to brush regularly, transforming oral care into a fun and enjoyable routine. By fostering positive associations with brushing, the toothbrush instills good oral hygiene habits in children from an early age, ensuring they develop lifelong practices for maintaining dental health. Moreover, the engaging design sparks children's imagination and creativity, making them active participants in their oral care journey.

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How to Use:

Using the Colgate Kids Unicorn toothbrush is simple. Turn it on and guide it gently around your child's teeth and gums. Encourage them to brush for the recommended duration, covering all tooth surfaces. Remember to replace the brush head regularly for continued effective cleaning.



The toothbrush features extra soft bristles designed for gentle cleaning. Its battery-powered functionality ensures effective plaque removal for optimal dental hygiene.


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