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Confidence Ultra-Thin Night 7's

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 150

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Confidence Ultra-Thin Night 7's
  •          Sanitary pads with extra-long design for double care protection
  •          Soft flexible wings provide maximum side protection.
  •          Suitable for nighttime use

To enjoy maximum movement and comfort to the extreme try Confidence Ultra-Thin Night 7’s!!

We know the discomfort of stiff, oversized pads that leak at the most inconvenient moments, and we created our Confidence Ultra-Thin Night 7’s to solve the problem. Soft as cotton, breathable and highly absorbent, our sanitary napkins are designed to support your active lifestyle. We empower you to live with Confidence.

Confidence Ultra-Thin Night features a 3D design and added length to protect against leakage from the sides and back. With six layers of highly absorbent, well-ventilated material, these pads remain clean, dry and silky smooth even as you sleep. Top it off with durable glue that does its job without leaving residue, and you have pads that hold up to even the heaviest periods. even when you’re wearing highly absorbent pads.


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