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Deep heat period pain patch 1 sheet

Brands: Dettol

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Deep heat period pain patch 1 sheet

·         Single-use heat therapy patch.

·         Provides targeted and long-lasting heat.

·      Muscular pain & menstrual cramps

·         Convenient and mess-free application.

Product Description:

Deep heat period pain patch 1 sheet is a single-use heat therapy patch designed to provide targeted relief from muscular pain and menstrual cramps for up to 12 hours.

Place the patch on the cloth at the site of pain to provide soothing and consistent heat.

The patches adhere securely to the skin, ensuring a mess-free and convenient application process.

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Usage Instructions:

Clean and dry the skin where you intend to apply the patch.

Remove the protective backing and adhere the patch directly to the skin.

The patch will gradually heat up upon exposure to air. Use for up to 12 hours, but do not use while sleeping.




Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patches generate heat through an oxidation process involving natural ingredients such as iron powder, activated carbon, salt, and minerals.

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