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Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo 125ml

Brands: Dettol

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Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo 125ml

·         Specifically formulated for treating cradle cap in infants.

·         Gentle and mild shampoo suitable for delicate scalp.

·         Helps soften and remove cradle cap flakes.

·         Provides relief from scalp irritation and itching.


Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo is specifically formulated to effectively treat cradle cap in infants. Cradle cap is a common condition characterized by thick, yellowish scales or flakes on a baby's scalp. This shampoo is designed to gently and effectively soften and remove these flakes, providing relief from cradle cap.

The Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo is gentle and mild, making it suitable for use on a baby's delicate scalp. It is carefully formulated to cleanse the scalp while maintaining its natural moisture balance. The shampoo helps soothe scalp irritation and itching, providing comfort to the baby.

The active ingredient in Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo is usually disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate. This ingredient helps soften and loosen the cradle cap flakes, making them easier to remove. The shampoo also contains emollients and moisturizers that help nourish and hydrate the scalp, promoting a healthier scalp environment.

Regular use of Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo can help reduce the appearance of cradle cap and prevent its recurrence. It is important to note that cradle cap is a common and usually harmless condition that tends to resolve on its own over time. However, the shampoo can provide relief and assist in managing the condition more comfortably.

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Usage Instructions:

Wet the baby's scalp and hair with warm water.

Apply a small amount of Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo to the scalp.

Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp, focusing on the areas affected by cradle cap.

Leave the shampoo on the scalp for a few minutes to allow it to work.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water, ensuring all traces of shampoo are removed.

Use the shampoo regularly, as directed on the packaging, to effectively manage cradle cap.



The specific formulation of Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo may vary slightly, but it typically contains the following active ingredient:

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate


Please refer to the product packaging or consult your healthcare professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information on ingredients and their respective quantities.

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