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Easychamber Spacer With Infant Mask

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Easychamber Spacer With Infant Mask
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·         Improves medication delivery

·         Comfortable for infants

·         Minimizes side effects


The EasyChamber Spacer with Infant Mask is a medical device used in the administration of inhaled medications, primarily for infants and young children who may have difficulty using inhalers or nebulizers directly.  The EasyChamber Spacer helps ensure that inhaled medications, such as bronchodilators or corticosteroids, are delivered effectively to the child's airways. It does this by temporarily holding the medication in a chamber, allowing the child to inhale it slowly and deeply, which can lead to better drug deposition in the lungs.

Infants and very young children often have difficulty using inhalers or nebulizers effectively due to their limited ability to coordinate their breathing. The EasyChamber Spacer, when used with an infant mask, provides an age-appropriate solution for delivering inhaled medications.

EasyChamber Spacer with Infant Mask is designed to comfortably fit over the infant's nose and mouth, ensuring that the medication is delivered directly to the respiratory system.

The spacer chamber minimizes the risk of medication being wasted, as it suspends the medication in the chamber until the child inhales it. This is especially beneficial for expensive or crucial medications.

By delivering the medication directly to the lungs and reducing oral exposure, the EasyChamber Spacer may help minimize potential side effects of the medication, such as thrush or oral candidiasis, which can occur when using inhalers without a spacer.

Using an infant mask with the spacer can make the process more comfortable for the child, potentially reducing resistance or fear associated with medication administration.

Parents and caregivers may find it easier to administer inhaled medications to infants using the EasyChamber Spacer, improving overall compliance with the treatment plan.


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How to use:

Materials You Will Need:

EasyChamber Spacer

Inhaled medication prescribed by your healthcare provider (e.g., bronchodilator or corticosteroid)

Infant mask suitable for the spacer

A quiet and comfortable environment for the child

A watch or timer (if required)


Prepare the Medication:

Consult with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dosage and type of inhaled medication for your child.

If using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI), shake the inhaler well before use.

Assemble the Spacer:

Ensure that the EasyChamber Spacer is properly assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Attach the appropriate infant mask securely to the spacer.

Position the Child: Hold your child in a comfortable and upright position, such as sitting on your lap or in a high chair.

Prime the Spacer (if required): Some spacers may require priming, especially if they are new or haven't been used for a while. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for priming, if applicable.

Administer Medication:

If using an MDI, insert the inhaler into the spacer's designated port.

Place the infant mask gently over your child's nose and mouth, ensuring a secure seal but not causing discomfort.

Encourage your child to breathe normally through the mask.

Depress the MDI once to release a single puff of medication into the spacer chamber.

Instruct your child to take slow, deep breaths through the mask, ensuring that the medication is inhaled deeply into the lungs.

Continue to encourage calm and steady breathing for several breaths to ensure the medication is fully delivered.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

After each use, disassemble the spacer and wash it as per the manufacturer's instructions. Proper cleaning is essential to prevent contamination and maintain device functionality.


Store the EasyChamber Spacer and mask in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Always consult with your healthcare provider for specific instructions on using the EasyChamber Spacer with an infant mask, including the appropriate medication and dosage. They can also provide guidance tailored to your child's medical condition and ensure that the device is used correctly for optimal effectiveness




 The Easychamber Spacer With infant Mask is a medical device designed for inhalation therapy and does not contain typical ingredients like those found in consumer products. It is made from medical-grade materials.

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