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Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof Plasters 18s

Brands: Dettol

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Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof Plasters 18s

·         Fabric plasters with waterproof properties

·         Provides effective wound protection even in wet conditions

·         Strong adhesive for secure fixation

·         Pack of 18 plasters for various wound sizes



Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof Plasters are designed to provide reliable wound protection, even in wet conditions. These plasters are made from fabric material that is durable and waterproof, allowing for effective coverage and protection. They have a strong adhesive that ensures secure fixation, keeping the plaster in place during activities and exposure to water. This pack contains 18 plasters in various sizes, providing options for different types of wounds.

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The Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof Plasters are made of fabric material with a waterproof adhesive.


Usage Instructions:


Clean and dry the wound area before applying the Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof Plaster. Remove the protective backing from the plaster and firmly press it onto the wound, ensuring complete coverage. The waterproof feature allows you to keep the plaster on even when in contact with water. However, it is recommended to change the plaster if it becomes loose, wet, or dirty. If the wound shows signs of infection or does not heal, consult a healthcare professional.

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