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Face Shield With Frame Goggle

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 325

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Face Shield With Frame Goggle
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·         Smart design

·         Re-usable

·         Anti-fog

·         Comprehensive protection

·         One size fits all


The Goggle Shield is a sturdy and clear super transparent PVC shield that provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight. It protects your face while giving you crisp and clear vision. This face shield helps you against droplets and helps you avoid touching your face. This re-usable face shield has a raised design on the nasal bridge that holds the visor away from the face. This face shield can be wiped and cleaned with a disinfectant and used numerous times. With the Goggle Shield face visor, you will be able to cover your face from the top of the eyebrow to your chin. It protects your eyes and face from saliva, droplets, sprays, splatters, ultraviolet rays, wind, pollen, aerosols and flying debris.

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