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Fast Aid Blue Eyetec Plasters 40's

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 649

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Fast Aid Blue Eyetec Plasters 40's

·         Sterile Eye Dressings

·         Protects the eyes

·         Promotes healing of injuries

·         Gentle Adhesive and Comfort



Fast Aid Blue Eyetec Plasters are sterile adhesive eye dressings designed for the protection and covering of eye injuries and wounds. These eye dressings provide a sterile and protective barrier over eye injuries while facilitating healing and minimizing the risk of contamination.

These Fast Aid Blue Eyetec Plasters are designed with a high visibility blue color, making them easily distinguishable for emergency eye care. The blue color helps healthcare providers and first responders quickly identify the presence of the eye dressing and assess the situation.

The adhesive used in these eye dressings is gentle on the skin around the eye, promoting comfort and minimizing skin irritation. Patients can wear these dressings comfortably without excessive discomfort or skin reactions.

Fast Aid Blue Eyetec Plasters are suitable for various eye injuries and emergencies, including foreign body removal, covering eye wounds, and stabilizing eye patches. These eye dressings offer versatility in addressing different eye injuries and providing the necessary protection and support.

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Usage Instructions:

Ensure that the eye area is clean and dry before applying the eye dressing.

Gently remove the eye dressing from its sterile packaging.


Carefully apply the dressing over the affected eye, ensuring that it covers the eye

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