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Glencee Vitamin C Effervescent, 20 Tablets

Brands: Dettol

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Glencee Vitamin C Effervescent, 20 Tablets


·         Effervescent tablet

·         Boosts the immune system

·         Helps get rid of toxins

·         Contains Vitamin C

·         Promotes cellular function

·         Promotes blood flow to the brain

Boost your immune system with Glencee Vitamin C Effervescent!

Glencee Vitamin C Effervescent is here to ensure you have enough Vitamin C in your diet which gives a lot of benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. The main function of Vitamin C is boosting your immune system. This way your body will be stronger to fight of bacteria and infections. Vitamin C also is good for cardiovascular health, promoting good blood flow to the brain as well as boosting collagen production, which gives you a youthful appearance.

Glencee Vitamin C Effervescent also speeds up recovery and comes packed with antioxidant properties. While benefiting from Vitamin C, it helps boost the absorbency of other nutrients in the body, such as B12, iron, folate, vitamin D and E.  Effervescent tablets are flakes containing many vitamins, which can enhance the body's resistance and prevent and treat various acute or chronic infectious diseases or other diseases.

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Nutritional guidelines suggest that every adult have 65-90 milligrams of Vitamin C through various sources every day.

For those with underlying medical conditions, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the dosage can go up to 120 mg. 

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