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H749236310020-Rota Links Plus 1.25mm (Advancer & Burr)

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 120,999

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H749236310020-Rota Links Plus 1.25mm (Advancer & Burr)
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·         Medical device for advanced procedures.

·         Designed for precise interventions.

·         1.25mm diameter for specialized applications.

·         Includes advancer and burr components.


The H749236310020-Rota Links Plus 1.25mm is an advanced medical device meticulously crafted for precision during complex medical procedures. With its 1.25mm diameter and specialized components, it facilitates precise maneuvering and positioning, ensuring optimal outcomes for complex medical applications. This product also includes essential advancer and burr components.

It is designed for advanced medical interventions, it is indispensable for healthcare professionals requiring the highest precision in intricate procedures.

This product includes both advancer and burr components, providing a complete and efficient solution for healthcare practitioners in specialized interventions.


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