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Jakemans Cherry Menthol Cough Drops 100g

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 249

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·         Cherry menthol flavored cough drops.

·         Soothes throat irritation.

·         Contains natural ingredients.


Jakemans Cherry Menthol Cough Drops are soothing throat lozenges with a delightful cherry menthol flavour. These drops contain natural ingredients and come in a convenient 100g package.

Jakemans Cherry Menthol Cough Drops provide effective relief from sore throats and irritation, making them a comforting choice during colds and coughs. The drops are made with natural ingredients, offering a soothing and wholesome option for throat discomfort.


The cherry menthol flavour provides a pleasant taste while delivering relief, making them more enjoyable to consume.

The 100g package ensures you have an ample supply of cough drops for use when needed.

Order at Pharmily at an affordable price and we will deliver to your doorstep!


Usage Instructions:

Adults and children over the age of 12: Dissolve one cough drop slowly in the mouth every 2 hours as needed.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

These cough drops are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.




The specific ingredients may vary depending on the brand, but common ingredients often include sugar, glucose syrup, menthol, natural flavours, and colouring agents. For precise ingredient details, refer to the product label.

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