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Jamieson Zinc 25mg Tablets 100's

Brands: Dettol

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·         Zinc supplement for overall health support.

·         Supports immune function and skin health.

·         Convenient tablet format for easy dosing.


Jamieson Zinc Tablets provide a source of zinc, an essential mineral with numerous health benefits. Zinc plays a crucial role in immune function. It helps the immune system fight off infections and promotes overall health.

Jamieson Zinc Tablets are known for its role in promoting skin health. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and may help with the healing of wounds. Zinc is involved in various bodily processes, including DNA synthesis, cell division, and protein synthesis. It contributes to overall health and vitality.

Jamieson Zinc Tablets offer a straightforward and convenient way to supplement with zinc, ensuring that you meet your daily zinc needs.

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How to Use:

Adults can take one tablet daily with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. It is essential not to exceed the recommended dosage for balanced zinc intake.




The primary ingredient in this product is zinc (zinc gluconate). The tablets also contain other inactive ingredients used to form the tablet.

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