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Kedley Kinesiology Tape - Black (5cm X 5m)

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 799

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·         Kinesiology tape for various applications.

·         Comes in a roll of black tape.

·         Provides support, pain relief, and muscle function.

·         Ideal for athletes and individuals with muscle or joint concerns.

Product Description:

Kedley Kinesiology Tape in black (5cm x 5m) is a versatile product suitable for various applications. This roll of black tape provides support, pain relief, and enhanced muscle function. It's particularly popular among athletes and individuals with muscle or joint concerns, as it can aid in injury prevention and recovery.

Kinesiology tape is used for various purposes, including pain relief and muscle support.

Kedley Kinesiology Tape in black provides support to muscles and joints, reduces pain and inflammation, and enhances circulation. Different colors may signify different levels of support or aesthetic preferences. It's commonly used in sports and rehabilitation for targeted support and pain relief.

Remember that the effectiveness of these products can vary depending on the specific condition or injury. Proper usage and following instructions provided by healthcare professionals or the manufacturer are essential for the best results.

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Usage Instructions:

Cut the desired length of kinesiology tape from the roll.

Apply it to the skin over the area needing support or relief.

Ensure the tape is applied according to your specific needs and body position.



The kinesiology tape is typically made of a stretchable, adhesive fabric material.



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