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Kedley Neoprene Wrist Support - Universal

Brands: Dettol

Ksh 599

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·         Neoprene wrist support for added stability.

·         Universal size for a secure and comfortable fit.

·         Provides support for weak or injured wrists.

·         Suitable for various activities.

Product Description:

The Kedley Neoprene Wrist Support is designed to offer essential benefits for wrist support and stability. The universal size ensures a secure and comfortable fit, and the neoprene construction provides added stability. This wrist support is ideal for those with weak or injured wrists and is suitable for various activities.

Kedley Neoprene Wrist Support is designed to provide compression and stability for individuals with wrist injuries or strains. It reduces pain and swelling in the injured wrist, helps with the healing process, and provides support during recovery, improving overall comfort.

People with carpal tunnel syndrome use wrist supports to manage symptoms. By keeping the wrist in a neutral position, it can reduce pressure on the median nerve, thereby relieving pain, tingling, and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Athletes may wear wrist supports during sports to protect their wrists from injury. Kedley Neoprene Wrist Support offers stability, reducing the risk of sudden wrist injuries during sports, and enhances performance by providing a sense of security during physical activities.

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Usage Instructions:

Position the neoprene wrist support on your wrist, securing it as needed.

Adjust it for a secure and comfortable fit.

The support is suitable for various activities and can be worn throughout the day.




The wrist support is typically constructed from neoprene and fabric materials designed for support and comfort.

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