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Nasonex Aqueous Nasal Spray 0.05%

Brands: Dettol

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Nasonex Aqueous Nasal Spray 0.05%

·         Relieves nasal congestion and allergies

·         Reduces inflammation in the nasal passages

·         Alleviates symptoms of hay fever and rhinitis

·         Provides long-lasting relief

·         Non-drowsy formula


Nasonex Aqueous Nasal Spray 0.05% is a trusted nasal spray that effectively relieves nasal congestion and symptoms associated with allergies, hay fever, and rhinitis. It contains a corticosteroid called mometasone furoate, which reduces inflammation in the nasal passages, providing relief from congestion and related discomfort.

This nasal spray offers long-lasting relief without causing drowsiness, allowing individuals to carry on with their daily activities uninterrupted. It is suitable for both adults and children above a certain age (check package instructions for specific guidelines) and is commonly recommended by healthcare professionals.

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Usage Instructions:

Shake the bottle gently before each use.

Remove the protective cap.

Prime the spray by pumping it into the air until a fine mist appears.

Blow your nose gently to clear the nasal passages.

Tilt your head slightly forward and insert the nozzle into one nostril.

Close the other nostril with your finger.

While breathing in gently, press down firmly on the spray nozzle to release the spray.

Repeat steps 5-7 for the other nostril.

Wipe the nozzle clean and replace the protective cap after use.



Mometasone Furoate: A corticosteroid that reduces inflammation in the nasal passages.


Glycerin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Other Excipients: Aid in spray formulation and stability.

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