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NiQuitin Patches Step II 14mg 7s

Brands: Dettol

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NiQuitin Patches Step II 14mg 7s

·         Helps quit smoking by reducing nicotine cravings

·         Provides a steady release of nicotine

·         Step 2 of the NiQuitin program

·         Convenient once-daily application

·         Supports smoking cessation efforts


NiQuitin Patches Step II 14mg is the second step in the NiQuitin program designed to aid individuals in quitting smoking. These patches deliver a steady release of nicotine through the skin, reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Step II is specifically formulated for individuals who have completed Step I.

The patch is conveniently applied once daily and provides continuous support throughout the day. It helps to further reduce nicotine dependence, supporting individuals on their journey to becoming smoke-free.

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Usage Instructions:

Choose a clean, dry, non-hairy area of skin, such as the upper arm or hip.

Open the pouch and remove the patch.

Peel off the backing, taking care not to touch the sticky side.

Apply the patch to the chosen area, pressing down firmly to ensure good adhesion.

Wear the patch for 24 hours, replacing with a new one at the same time each day.

Rotate application sites to avoid skin irritation.

Continue using Step II patches for the recommended duration (usually 6 weeks), then proceed to Step III.



Nicotine: The active ingredient that reduces nicotine cravings.


Acrylic Adhesive, Polyester Film, and Other Excipients: Aid in patch formation and adhesion.

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