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Now Biotin 1000mcg Caps 100's.

Brands: Dettol

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Now Biotin 1000mcg Caps 100's.

·        Promotes the metabolism of amino acids.


·        A Healthy Immune System Is Promoted.


·        This product is subject to natural color variation.

In order for the body to function normally, biotin must be present.* When it comes to the production of glucose, fat, and certain amino acids as well as biotin, it is an essential regulator. Besides assisting in energy production, biotin also speeds up the synthesis of specific proteins. As a bonus, biotin helps to maintain a healthy immune system and contributes to a healthy complexion.

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Rice Flour, Hypromellose (cellulose capsule), Ascorbyl Palmitate and Silicon Dioxide.

How to use:

Every day, take a single supplement capsule.

Cool, dry storage is recommended after opening.

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