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Now E400 Vitamin E 400iu Natural Caps 100's

Brands: Dettol

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· Maintains and improves the appearance of your skin's radiance.

· Increases the endurance of sportsmen and sportspeople

· Keeps your heart in good shape.

Antioxidant properties of vitamin E serve to protect the body from free radical damage. Vitamin E 400 iu includes 400 iu of vitamin E. Another purpose for it is preventing oxidative damage to essential nutrients such as Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids. A process known as cellular ageing is linked to cellular oxidation, which can have negative health effects. Vitamin E has been linked to improved heart health, stronger red blood cells, and softer skin. Vegetarians will appreciate the fact that these gelatin-free Vitamin E capsules are made with no animal products.

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Ingredients: Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Bulking Agent (soybean oil), Capsule Shell  [gelling agent (modified starch, vegetable glycerine, carrageenan), acidity regulator (di-sodium phosphate)].

How to Use: The recommended daily dosage for adults and children over the age of 12 is one capsule taken after a meal, which can be raised to two capsules if necessary. When in doubt, seek advice from someone who is appropriately qualified.

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