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Vitamin Store Vitamin C 1000mg & Zinc Effervescent Tablets 20s (BOGOF)

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Vitamin Store Vitamin C 1000mg & Zinc Effervescent Tablets 20s (BOGOF)

·         Effervescent tablets for easy consumption

·         Combination of vitamin C (1000mg) and zinc per tablet

·         Supports immune system function and overall health

·         Buy One, Get One Free (BOGOF) promotion


Vitamin Store Vitamin C 1000mg & Zinc Effervescent Tablets provide a powerful combination of essential nutrients to support your immune system and overall health. Each tablet contains a potent dose of 1000mg of vitamin C and zinc, delivering a synergistic effect that helps boost immune function and promote general well-being. The effervescent formulation ensures optimal absorption, and the tablets are part of a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGOF) promotion, allowing you to enjoy greater value for your purchase.

The combination of vitamin C and zinc provides comprehensive support to the immune system. Vitamin C enhances immune function, while zinc plays a vital role in immune cell development and function. Together, they help strengthen the body's defenses and promote a healthy immune response.

Vitamin C and zinc are both potent antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. Their antioxidant properties contribute to overall health and well-being, protecting cells from oxidative stress and supporting healthy aging.

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Usage Instructions:

Dissolve one tablet in a glass of water (approximately 200ml).

Wait for the tablet to dissolve completely.

Stir if necessary.

Drink the effervescent solution once the tablet has dissolved.

Take one tablet daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.




The specific ingredients of Vitamin Store Vitamin C 1000mg & Zinc Effervescent Tablets may vary. However, common ingredients include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), zinc (zinc citrate), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium carbonate, sorbitol, and natural flavors. Please refer to the product packaging or consult the manufacturer for the complete list of ingredients.

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