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Wisdom Regular Fresh – Medium.

Brands: Dettol

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Wisdom Regular Fresh – Medium.

·         Medium bristles for effective plaque removal and gentle cleaning.

·         Freshens breath and promotes long-lasting oral freshness.

·         Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and precise brushing.

·         Compact head size for easy access to all areas of the mouth.

·         Recommended by dental professionals for everyday oral care.


Experience a fresh and clean mouth with Wisdom Regular Fresh - Medium. This toothbrush is designed to effectively remove plaque while providing a refreshing oral hygiene experience.

The medium bristles of Wisdom Regular Fresh - Medium are specially designed to effectively remove plaque and maintain optimal oral health. They provide a balance between firmness and gentleness, ensuring a thorough clean without causing discomfort to your gums.

In addition to its cleaning prowess, Wisdom Regular Fresh - Medium helps freshen breath, leaving you with long-lasting oral freshness. Start your day with confidence and maintain a clean mouth throughout the day with this toothbrush.

Order the Wisdom Regular Fresh – Medium from Pharmily today and have it delivered at your doorstep within no time.

How to Use:                                              

Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the Wisdom Regular Fresh - Medium toothbrush.

Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth and gums.

Gently brush in circular motions, ensuring you cover all tooth surfaces.

Pay attention to hard-to-reach areas and brush for at least two minutes.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly and clean the toothbrush after each use.

Replace the toothbrush every three months or sooner if bristles become worn.


N/A (The Wisdom Regular Fresh - Medium toothbrush does not contain any specific ingredients as it is a mechanical tool for brushing teeth.)


 Use only as directed. Avoid excessive pressure while brushing to prevent gum irritation or enamel damage. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a dentist.

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